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General Rules

While we try to keep this instance as informal and relaxed as possible, we do have a number of instituted rules to keep discussion civil.

Please read through and familiarise yourself with these rules before registering and posting. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of your account.

  • Keep discussion civil and respect other members, both on our instance and on others.
  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • No attacking or harassment of members (on our instance or others) for their protected characteristics - racism, homophobia, religion etc.
  • No doxxing or posting of personal information
  • No spam or advertising. With the exception of personal projects etc.
  • No illicit content, links to or discussion of illicit content
  • No sexualized content featuring children, even artist depictions, will be tolerated.
  • No begging for money or donations
  • No bots without admin approval
  • NSFW content is allowed, but must be tagged appropriately
  • Boosting content is the same as posting content, if you boost something it must follow these rules.

Enforcement of these rules is subject to admin discretion. You can be removed for any reason or no reason at all. We may update these rules at any time.